Ireland was ranked 49th on Big 7 Travel's list of the 50 Best Eco-Friendly Places to Visit in 2024.

“The list encompasses a diverse range of destinations across the globe, each exemplifying the embodiment of sustainable tourism," the global travel website claims. Not only are these locations breathtaking, but they are also setting the standard for sustainability. As a model for ethical travel, they embrace renewable energy, save nature, and assist local people.”

Every place on the list has a distinct history and environmentally friendly customs that help create a more sustainable future. These places provide rewarding experiences without sacrificing sustainability, whether it's Mauritius' rich cultural legacy and conservation efforts for its coral reefs, or Argentina's emphasis on environmental preservation.”

Ireland came in at number 49 on the list, behind Gozo, Malta, in position 48, and Nijmegen, Netherlands, in position 50.

“Ireland has both vibrant cities and breathtaking landscapes. There is an abundance of beauty and vitality to enjoy, from the imposing cliffs of Moher to the vibrant streets of Dublin, according to

You may immerse yourself in history by seeing historic castles, taking in the peace of gently undulating hills, or delving into the fascinating realm of Irish mythology and folklore, which is sure to enthral you. With a plethora of events that honour and preserve the stunning natural surroundings of the nation, it's also a sanctuary for environmentally conscious tourists.”

Bhutan was ranked as the most environmentally friendly country, with Iceland coming in second. Slovenia and Switzerland completed the top five, with Finland occupying the third position.

Big 7 Travel's editor, Aleyna Yilmaz, stated, “We think that travel should not only inspire but also encourage responsible and eco-friendly practises.”