The German discounter demolished four retail stores and a former auto dealership to make way for a new concept supermarket in Strabane Retail Park. Five years ago, Lidl paid around £3 million for the retail parkland.

Argos, New Look, Menarys, and Peacocks had previously inhabited the four former premises, while Pat Kirk's Strabane headquarters was housed in the old auto dealership. It is believed that once the leases expired in 2022, the apartments were destroyed.

Argos has moved to the town centre, while the other three stores left Strabane behind.

According to Lidl, the construction of two new, sizable retail buildings adjacent to the new supermarket will be the centrepiece of its multimillion-pound investment plan for the larger property.

As part of a £26 million investment plan being implemented in the Northwest, the German grocery store announced.

Ivan Ryan, managing director of Lidl's northern region, said, “Our newest store in Strabane underscores our commitment to our customers, our employees, and the whole community to deliver even greater choice and real value while continuing to strategically invest for the future, unlock growth, and drive potential.”

We'd want to thank everyone for continuing to support us in our ambitions, and we're delighted to be extending our “big on quality, Lidl on price” offering.

“As the Christmas season approaches, we are excited to welcome our customers to our brand-new, cutting-edge store on December 7 to explore our award-winning assortment at the best possible prices.”