According to information sent to The Portugal News, people are invited “to indulge in the ultimate culinary adventure”, where chefs become “personal guides through a symphony of carefully selected, fresh ingredients”, both produced in Portugal and Japan, namely fish prepared with “innovative culinary techniques.”

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Omakase means “chef’s choice”, which makes sense as the experience will be more intimate, as people will be seated by the chef’s counter, where people may “watch the 15-course culinary magic unfold right” before people’s eyes.

The restaurant has a “10-seat dining area that offers an intimate atmosphere”, which turns the chef’s attention exclusively to the clients who will “witness their culinary expertise and passion up close.” The menu with be always changing, while chefs will select “the finest seasonal ingredients to create a symphony of flavours.”

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The restaurant is placed “within a quiet side street in the very heart of busy downtown Lisbon” and people may expect “a harmonious blend of flavours that reflect the changing seasons.”


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