Two local ladies had made contact with Jenny, President, who has been to where the ‘girl’ hangs about, outside of Silves. “Problem is, she may be pregnant, and if we can get her away, all the better now. Leave it too late and we have another unwanted litter on our hands.”

SNiP is the growing contraceptive amongst abandoned dogs and the ever-increasing cat colonies. The Spaying & Neutering Programme is widely used amongst the many shelters around the Algarve. “It is the most practical way we can reduce the growing problem of feral cats.”

Zélia APAA’s Cat Woman, who has many cat colonies to look after has also the extra work of helping private cat colonisation programmes. “There are too many cats. Unwanted cats, pregnant are dumped and the problem continues.” They breed, interbreed and where there were just a handful now are into hundreds and thousands. Nipping the problem in the bud. Jenny laughs. “Yes, but sometimes, someone will dump a pregnant cat into a colony. It takes time to spot the newcomer and her condition, often far too late for us and the feline feral furry friend!”

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Final Countdown! APAA’s Ferragudo’s famous Sunday Car Boot Sales. Fair and Street market. Main one-way street. Sunday 10 December 8am-12. APAA’s special Christmas Lunch. ‘Recanto dos Mouros’ Tuesday 12th December. 12.30-1.00 start. Looking out at Silves Castle, Choice of Boar Stew or Bacalhau com Natas. Vegetarian option available. Desserts, coffee, water, wine, or beer. 24€/26€ Members/Non. Book your lunch directly with Jenny (+351) 919 041 903 or send email. APAA’s Christmas gift table with really special items on sale, jewellery amongst gifts for the season. Jenny’s added a few hot recipes to her infamous jam, chutney collection. Apple in Mulled Wine Jam. Chili and Jam Chutney. And a glorious confection of tangy Orange Marmalade with Cranberries. Perfect on crusty wholemeal bread. All proceeds for SNiP. Spaying & Neutering Programme, is the only way to reduce the amount of unwanted puppies and kittens.

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‘Holiday Inn’s’ paintings and mirrors, large and small still available. Contact Jenny Never too late for your last-minute Christmas deals. Don’t forget, there is always friendly APAA charity shops Dunas do Alvor. Rua Elias Garcia Silves. For info for Recanto lunch

Please remember. That a dog or a cat is for life! Not just as a gift, a toy or a “wouldn’t it be nice….” Permanent! Walks, feeding, looking after. Grooming, vet bills. Please, be realistic. Be responsible.