According to Sapo news, the world’s audio streaming service revealed on 29 November, the artists, songs and albums most listened to among the platform’s 574 million consumers in 2023.

For the first time in the history of Wrapped in Portugal, the most listened to song of the year belongs to a Portuguese female artist. “Como Tu (feat. Ivandro)”, by Barbara Bandeira, is the song that the Portuguese listened to most during 2023, followed by “Tá OK” by DENNIS and “Nosso Quadro”, by AgroPlay, in third place.

“Chakras” by Ivandro occupies fourth place, with “Coração de Gelo”, by WIU, finishing the podium.

“In a year in which I release my first album, having the most listened to song of the year is the biggest reward and huge a sign that this is the right path”, highlighted Bárbara Bandeira. “I make music for people and the fact that they chose me is the biggest reward I can receive. Thank you to those who have always supported me and those who are supporting me now”, she added.

In 2023, the Portuguese have a new favorite international artist. Taylor Swift, rose to first place after being in third place last year, followed by The Weekend, the leader of 2022 and Drake, the leader of Wrapped 2021. The top 5 ends with the presence of Portuguese artist T-Rex, in fourth place and Bad Bunny. This year there are seven Portuguese artists in the top 20, whereas in 2022 there were no local artists.

In relation to Portuguese people’s favorite albums on the platform, the first place belongs to the Portuguese artist T-Rex with “COR D’ÁGUA”. In second place is “Dos Prédios Deluxe”, by Veigh and in third place is “Starboy”, by the Weekend.

Among the most listened to Portuguese artists, the podium is led by T-Rex, who had been in fourth place last year, followed by Ivandro, leader in 2023, Plutónio, Wet Bed Gang and Julinho Ksd.

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