According to the Board of Directors of SATA Air Açores adding this new route was considered to be essential in the improvement and quality of service and increases the connectivity of the Faial Island with the mainland national territory.

The Azorean Government also recalled that “until now, Thursday was the only day in which it was not possible to leave Faial island (directly or with connections to other islands by air or intermodal) and arrive in Lisbon before 10:45pm.”

In accordance with the publication, the Ponta Delgada – Horta – Ponda Delgada route “will allow for a new possibility of connection between Faial and Lisbon, which increases the efficiency and convenience for residents’ travels and new options for potential visitors.”

The decision of the Azorean executive, José Manuel Bolieiro, in light of the requests for SARA Air Açores, proves “the unshakable commitment to the mobility of the Azorean population and to guaranteeing territorial continuity”, he stated.

The authorisation also revealed “permanent market monitoring by SATA, taking into account a quick and assertive response to emerging opportunities and the needs of the population in the context of inter-island transportation.”

The decision to authorise the new route, through the Regional Secretariat for Tourism, Mobility and Infrastructure, occurred within the scope of the capacity of the mechanisms provided in the Concession Contract for the Regular Air Transportation Service, within the Autonomous Region of the Azores.

SATA Air Açores is the airline that provides connections between the nine islands of the Azores.