Serra da Estrela is the backdrop for the 11th edition of the “Cabeça Aldeia Natal” event, which does not require Santa Claus and where the decorations are natural and made with the will and creativity of the people of the village.

The promoters described, in a note sent to the Lusa agency, that everything is done by hand, with materials collected responsibly from the surrounding natural environment, such as vines, pine trees, fern leaves and other recycled materials.

All the work is done by the community and village communities.

The initiative has the involvement of the Cabeça Compartes Commission, the Union of Parishes of Vide and Cabeça, the Integrated Development Association of the Mountain Villages Network (ADIRAM) and the municipality of Seia.

“There are no companies involved, it is just the inhabitants who are responsible for giving life and soul to the decoration of this Christmas party”.

At this Christmas Festival, “everything is done to be in harmony with the true Christmas spirit of communion, sharing and appreciation of traditions, such as Midnight Mass, the Christmas bonfire, the preparation of delicacies in the community oven and the Market of Christmas with regional products.

The organisation recalled that the setting is unique and anyone who visits the town of Cabeça at this time of year can experience the real Christmas of the most genuine people on the mountain.

The inhabitants' homes “give life to the small Christmas market and the taverns and the streets are spaces where the community merges with visitors”.

At dusk, “the magic happens with thousands of lights illuminating the alleys and the typical houses of this Mountain Village”. Cabeça was the first village in the country to receive LED technology.

Throughout the “Cabeça Aldeia Natal” event, several parallel activities take place.

The organisation highlighted sustainable Christmas decoration workshops, in which visitors are challenged to make ecological Christmas decorations. And also several workshops are dedicated to the distillation of essential oils, traditional embroidery, traditional toys, traditional basketry making.

Visitors can also take an electric bike tour to discover other mountain villages nearby and take guided walks on the village trails.

The “Cabeça Aldeia Natal” event is part of the Mountain Village Network’s Entertainment Plan.