Housing projects are the largest single category of spending, accounting for 66% of capital spending with an allocation of €2.806 billion.

With €691 million, Road Transport and Safety is the next largest category.

Phase 1 of the Parnell Square Cultural Quarter, a revitalization of Dalymount Park that will include a new library and community centre, a new Public Lighting Upgrade Project, and the Dublin District Heating System are among the flagship projects included in the capital budget.

The budget states that work on the District Heating project has been "beset by delays" and that it is anticipated that work will begin in early 2025.

The first phase of the system will provide hot water and space heating to homes and businesses in Poolbeg West, North Lotts, and the Grand Canal Docks SDZ (Special Development Zone). The system will use heat extracted from the waste incinerator at Ringsend.

The project is expected to cost €118 million and is regarded as crucial to meeting national and regional climate targets.

The renovation of several Georgian homes on the square, a new five-story city library to the north of it, and important pieces for the Hugh Lane Gallery are all part of the Parnell Square Cultural Quarter. Phase 1 is anticipated to cost €140 million.

As part of the Dalymount redevelopment, a new public community centre for Phibsborough will be built, along with an eight thousand seat, four-sided enclosed stadium. An estimated €56 million will be spent on the project in total.

By implementing LED technology, the Public Lighting Upgrade Project is expected to result in energy savings of over 50%.

It will also include "smart sustainable technology that will greatly reduce the negative environmental effects that traditional uncontrolled light sources cause such as sky glow, light glare, and light spill" .

Council members have largely praised the capital budget, but some have expressed dissatisfaction with the budget's presentation as a fait accompli with little to no input from elected officials.