According to CSO data, 747,961 workers—or 32% of the workforce—work from home at least once a week.

With 57% of persons working from home at least once a week, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown had the highest percentage, followed by Monaghan and Longford (21%).

1,280,000 persons, or 63% of the population, drove alone as their primary mode of transportation to work.

In Census 2022, walking and cycling accounted for over 240,000 commuters, or 12% of all commuters, as the next most popular modes of transportation to work.

Nine percent of individuals took public transit, making it the second most popular way to commute to work.

2,320,297 people were employed at the time of the Census 2022, a 16 percent rise from the previous year.

Additionally, the number of retirees rose, reaching 657,790, a 21% rise.

At close to 59,000 workers, farming and IT operations were the major industrial groupings for employment among males.

In 2022, residential care and social work activities employed about 81,000 women, making it the industrial category with the highest percentage of female workers.