“We have that saying “Christmas at home, Carnival in the Square and there could be more”, climatologist Mário Marques stated to CNN Portugal.

The expert predicts “a second fortnight, from the 17th or 18th of December, which will be more stormy”, adding that “the last week of the year will be a real winter”.

Snow has already started to fall in the highest points of Portugal and is expected to continue. “Closer to Christmas, in the highlands, we can also expect some snow”, predicted the climatologist.

The last day of the previous year was affected by bad weather, strong winds and rain that left a trail of destruction in several parts of the country, which could possibly also happen this year. “The predictions defined that it would be similar to last year”, explained Mário Marques.

On New Year’s Eve, “it’s still early” to be absolutely certain but everything indicates that 2024 will begin cold and rainy.