There were 4,859 houses and 4,803 apartments that received planning permission in the third quarter.

In comparison to Q3 2022, the number of houses granted planning permission increased by over 10%, while the number of flat approvals more than doubled.

Comparing January through September of 2023 to the same period in 2022, there was a 13% overall increase in the total number of dwelling units approved.

However, compared to a 36% annual decline in Q2 2023, there was an annual drop of more than 25% in Q3 2023 in the number of one-off houses receiving planning permission.

In Q3 2023, 3,077 apartments were approved for development across Dublin's four local authorities, making up 64% of all apartments approved for development in the state during that quarter.

Within the local authority area of Dublin City Council, 28% of all dwelling units in the state that received planning permission in Q3 2023 were located.

Shane O'Sullivan, a statistician in the Business Statistics Division, commented on the release, saying: "In Q3 (July, August, and September) 2023, 9,662 units were granted planning permission, of which 4,859 were for houses and 4,803 were for apartments.

"Compared to Q3 2022, the number of apartments approved more than doubled (+105%).

"During the same period in 2023, there was a more than 10% increase in the quantity of approved houses in Q3 2023.

"There was a total annual increase of 43 per cent in the number of dwelling unit approvals in Q3 2023, following an annual decline of 23 per cent in the previous quarter."