According to Expresso which cites Jornal de Notícias (JN), Portuguese people spend 388 thousand euros every day on the new betting game run by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa.

Eurodreams launched just over a month ago yet Portugal is the third country where this game is sold the most, with 14% of sales. In first place comes France, with 41%, and in second place is Spain with 19%.

The Eurodreams jackpot of 20 thousand euros per month for 30 years, never came out in Portugal. In the eight countries where the game is sold (Spain, France, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Portugal), the maximum prize has only been awarded twice, in France.

On national soil, the highest prize was 173.92 euros, although more than one million prizes have already been won, worth around four million euros – the majority of winners collect two and a half euros.

With just over a month of life, this game presents a “good performance”, with results “30% above estimates”, Santa Casa da Misericórdia told JN. The majority of sales occur through the approximately 5,000 mediators of the Santa Casa Games, but almost 15% purchase Eurodreams through digital channels.