According to the idealista price index, buying a house cost 3,215 euros per square meter (euros/m2) at the end of November this year, taking into account the median value. In relation to the quarterly variation, the increase was 1.3% and the annual increase was 7%.

According to idealista’s analysis, by municipalities, prices in the region rose in Vila do Bispo (3.9%), Aljezur (1.7%), Lagos (1.7%), São Brás de Alportel (1.4%) and Portimão (1%).

Prices remained stable in Albufeira (0.4%), Loulé (0.3%), Olhão (0.2%), Alcoutim (0%), Monchique (0%), Tavira (-0.1%), Silves (-0.2%), Faro (-0.2%) and Vila Real de Santo António (-0.4%). Conversely, prices only fell in Lagoa (-1.5%).

The most expensive municipality to buy a house is Loulé (3,899 euros/m 2), followed by Vila do Bispo (3,770 euros/m 2) and Lagos (3,740 euros/m2). Next are Aljezur (3,614 euros/m2), Lagoa (3,361 euros/m2), Albufeira (3,323 euros/m2), Tavira (2,973 euros/m2), Faro (2,911 euros/m2), Silves (2,761 euros/m2) and Vila Real de Santo António (2,733 euros/m2).

On the other hand, the most economical ones are in Alcoutim (750 euros/m2), Monchique (2,225 euros/m2), São Brás de Alportel (2,402 euros/m2), Portimão (2,541 euros/m2) and Olhão (2,688 euros/m2).

At a national level, housing prices rose 1.2% during the same period, standing at 2,530 euros/m2.

House prices rose in 13 district capitals.

House prices in November rose in 13 district capitals, with Ponta Delgada (3.5%), Aveiro (3.1%), Viseu (2.5%) and Braga (1.8%) topping the list. Next are Beja (1.7%), Funchal (1.7%), Leiria (1.7%), Castelo Branco (1.6%), Évora (1.4%), Porto (1%), Viana do Castelo (0.8%), Santarém (0.5%) and Lisbon (0.5%).

In Faro (-0.2%), Bragança (-0.3%), Coimbra (-0.3%) and Setúbal (-0.4%) prices remained stable during this period. On the other hand, prices fell in Vila Real (-3.4%) and Guarda (-3.1%).

Lisbon continues to be the city where it is most expensive to buy a house: 5,426 euros/m2. Porto (3,424 euros/m2) and Funchal (3,158 euros/m2) occupy second and third place, respectively.

This is followed by Faro (2,911 euros/m2), Aveiro (2,485 euros/m2), Setúbal (2,255 euros/m2), Évora (2,030 euros/m2), Coimbra (1,821 euros/m2), Viana do Castelo (1,820 euros/m2), Ponta Delgada (1,808 euros/m2), Braga (1,779 euros/m2), Viseu (1,422 euros/m2) and Leiria (1,376 euros/m2).

The most economical cities are Guarda (804 euros/m2), Castelo Branco (857 euros/m2), Bragança (949 euros/m2), Beja (957 euros/m2), Vila Real (1,142 euros/m2) and Santarém (1,178 euros/m2).

Biggest price increases on the Island of São Jorge, Castelo Branco and Porto Santo Island

Analysing by districts and islands, the biggest price increases took place on the island of São Jorge (17.8%), Castelo Branco (11.8%) and the island of Porto Santo (5.9%). Next are Portalegre (4.9%), Viseu (3.9%), Évora (3.8%), Santarém (3.1%), Faial Island (2.6%) and Madeira Island (2 .4%).

Already with increases of less than 2% are Beja (1.9%), Terceira Island (1.8%), São Miguel Island (1.6%), Leiria (1.6%), Porto (1. 5%), Coimbra (1.5%), Aveiro (1.1%), Lisbon (0.5%) and Faro (0.5%). House prices remained stable during this period on the island of Pico (0.3%), Braga (0.3%), Viana do Castelo (0.2%), Setúbal (0.1%) and Guarda (- 0.3%).

Prices fell in Vila Real and Bragança

It should be noted that the ranking of the most expensive districts to buy a house is led by Lisbon (3,861 euros/m2), followed by Faro (3,215 euros/m2), Madeira Island (2,848 euros/m2), Porto (2,487 euros/m2) , Setúbal (2,464 euros/m2), Porto Santo island (2,165 euros/m2), Aveiro (1,662 euros/m2), São Miguel island (1,604 euros/m2), Leiria (1,549 euros/m2), Braga (1,515 euros/m2), Viana do Castelo (1,409 euros/m2), Coimbra (1,377 euros/m2), Pico island (1,364 euros/m2), São Jorge island (1,325 euros/m2), Faial island (1,309 euros /m2), Évora (1,299 euros/m2), Terceira island (1,144 euros/m2) and Santarém (1,128 euros/m2).

The most economical prices are in Guarda (689 euros/m2), Portalegre (700 euros/m2), Castelo Branco (861 euros/m2), Bragança (865 euros/m2), Vila Real (949 euros/m2), Beja (1,067 euros/m2) and Viseu (1,073 euros/m2).
Prices of homes for sale increased in all regions of the country, except Lisbon.

In November, prices of houses for sale increased in all regions of the country, with the exception of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (0.3%), where prices remained stable.

Leading the rises is the Autonomous Region of the Azores (3.6%), followed by the Autonomous Region of Madeira (2.4%), Alentejo (2.2%), Centre (2.1%), North (1.4%) and Algarve (0.5%).

The Lisbon Metropolitan Area, with 3,514 euros/m2, continues to be the most expensive region to purchase housing, followed by the Algarve (3,215 euros/m2), Autonomous Region of Madeira (2,836 euros/m2) and North (2,082 euros/m2).

On the opposite side of the table are the Centre (1,396 euros/m2), the Autonomous Region of the Azores (1,441 euros/m2) and Alentejo (1,530 euros/m2) which are the cheapest regions to buy a house.