In accordance with an analysis by DecoProteste, the Christmas basket of 16 products is more expensive this year by almost five euros (€4.9) than the previous year, a 9.7 percent increase in price compared to December of 2022.

Dishes and traditions vary in the regions of the country, but DecoProsteste considers the list of “classic” products such as cod, turkey legs, olive oil, sugar, eggs, cabbages, potatoes, rice, chocolate, flour or pineapple.

The Christmas basket analysed, on 7 December 2022, compared to the analysis on 7 December 2023, shows that prices increased by €50.80.

This inflation is due to the general increase of the price of products and DecoProteste’s weekly analysis of products on sale in supermarkets (either in the 0 VAT basket or in the “normal” one) since September shows an almost constant increase in prices, in which last week was the first to see some stability.

Regarding the Christmas basket, these are the five products that became more expensive: virgin olive oil (82 percent), rice (22 percent), cake flour (18 percent), cabbage (18 percent) and D.O.C Douro red wine (15 percent).

On the other hand, in regards to the basket of these 16 products, cooking oil (-37 percent), traditional bread (-9 percent), semi-skimmed UHT milk (-5 percent) and turkey leg (-4 percent), were the products that reduced the most in price when compared to the prices of the previous week with the prices in December 2022.