Saint Peter Faber was a renowned missionary of the Society of Jesus and the companion of St. Ignatius. While travelling through the diocese of his birth in Savoy he received innumerable consolations from the Guardian angels of several parishes. On repeated occasions, he received the most sensible proofs of their protection. Sometimes these holy angels preserved him from the fury of heretics.

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Lastly, they guard each one of us. “Every man has a Guardian angel appointed to enlighten, defend and guide him during the whole course of his mortal life. Peter spent much time travelling. Through Spain and Germany. He spent time in Portugal at the Royal Court of Lisbon and was instrumental in establishing the Society of Jesus in that land. He became exhausted by his constant travelling and became ill whilst travelling from Spain to Rome to attend the council of Trent. He died in Rome shortly after arriving. He was canonised by Pope Francis on 17th December 2013.