The Government has decided to extend until Wednesday, December 13, 2023, the deadline for local accommodation owners to submit proof of activity, following constraints registered on the online platform for registration.

In a statement sent by the Ministry of Housing, it is stated that due to the “high influx recorded in recent days” on the RNAL - National Register of Local Accommodation platform, which caused “some constraints in accessing it, the Government decided to extend the deadline”.

The deadline, which ended on December 7th, was extended until 11:59 pm on December 13th, it can be read.

The Local Accommodation Association in Portugal (ALEP) had reported on Monday “technical problems” in the system for delivering proof of activity.

According to the ALEP statement, when the owners tried to submit the documentation they were faced with an error message: "An error occurred in communication with the external entity. Please start a new process”.

“This setback is putting compliance with the deadline at risk and could result in the automatic cancellation of licenses, directly harming the community of Local Accommodation owners”, highlighted the association that represents the sector, referring to the established deadline of December 7th.

ALEP also pointed out the “careless way in which this obligation was conceived”, considering that “it proves that the Mais Habitação para o Alojamento Local measures were carried out without the knowledge of the reality of the sector and without dialogue, creating situations in which the continuity of many operators is put at risk unnecessarily.”

Law No. 56/2023, of October 6, approved measures in the field of housing, making several legislative changes.

One of the articles of the diploma determines that, "within two months counting from the date of entry into force" of the law, "holders of local accommodation registration are obliged to provide proof, by presenting a contribution declaration, of maintaining the activity of operation, communicating exercise effectiveness on the RNAL platform - National Register of Local Accommodation, through the Balcão Único Eletrônico".