In a statement, the PSP said that the operation which is part of the “Comércio Seguro” program, will take place throughout the country, has a preventive nature and aims to reinforce policing in commercial areas.

As part of the operation, police will carry out several awareness-raising actions and individual criminal prevention contacts with traders, providing advice on preventing crimes in commercial spaces, and also providing protection measures for commercial establishments themselves.

The PSP will also carry out an information/awareness campaign on its social networks about the “Safe Commerce” program, its objectives and main advice on preventing property crimes and (self)protection measures.

Last year, the PSP carried out 1,886 awareness/training actions and 9,006 individual criminal prevention contacts with traders.

The PSP advises traders to create a protection network with neighbouring establishments, inform the police of all suspicious activities they have observed, install intrusion alarms and video surveillance systems, with recording 24 hours a day and place posters and/or signs to announce surveillance means as a means of deterring theft.