António Costa reiterated his “full support” for an “immediate ceasefire” in the Gaza Strip and for “the establishment of negotiations that allow for the implementation of what is essential for lasting and just peace in the region.”

For the prime minister, this peace must be “based on the creation of two states, with an effective Palestinian authority” and “with Hamas duly exterminated”.

Costa said that the Government has had “such a clear position of condemnation” of the violence that is occurring “in an indiscriminate manner and that savagely affects the populations and civilian facilities in Gaza”, as it did in the face of “the terrorist attack by Hamas”.

“We recognise Israel’s right not only to defend itself, but also to destroy Hamas. Destroying Hamas does not mean destroying Palestine, nor confusing Hamas agents with Palestinians,” he said.

The Prime Minister argued that “respect for human rights is just as required when they are violated in Israel, Palestine, Ukraine, Russia, when they are violated in Portugal or anywhere in the world”.