Moreno's office is finalising a project that will allow water to be transported from Portugal.

Lusa contacted the Portuguese Ministry of Environment and Climate Action about this project, with a source from the press office responding that "relations with Spain must follow what is defined by the Albufeira convention".

"We were not informed by the APA [Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente] of any proposal from Spain", they added.

Speaking to the Spanish agency EFE, in Dubai, on the sidelines of COP28, Moreno stressed that water transfers could be “the solution”, noting that “you need to be very careful”.

For the regional president of Andalusia, “desalination, purification and water transfers are part of the strategy that must be carried out”.

Moreno also added that his office is already dealing with these processes “within Andalusia and some provinces”.

The government official noted that it is necessary to have a global strategy and place water as an absolute priority.

“I often see that the discourse about water does not exist, but without water, there is no life, there is no tourism, there is no agriculture or industry”, he stressed.

The prolongation of the drought could lead “to economic ruin”, he pointed out, adding that, behind this problem, are the farmers who had to abandon their farms.

The 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference of 2023 (COP28) has been taking place in Dubai since November 30 and will end on Tuesday.