According to the company, monuments such as the National Palaces of Sintra, Queluz and Pena, the Palace of Monserrate, the Chalet of the Condessa d'Edla, the Castle of the Mouros and the Convent of Capuchos will be covered by the offer.

Currently, residents of Sintra can now visit these parks and monuments for free on Sundays, but, from January 2nd, the measure will be extended to all residents in the country and will also be available on holidays.

According to the company, new features will be introduced in the ticketing system from the beginning of next year: Visitors who buy tickets online at least three days in advance will have a 15% discount.

Reservation dates for visits to all monuments are also now available, which can be automatically rescheduled.

Only at the Pena National Palace does the current date and time reservation system continue, although with a reduction of around 15% in daily visitors.

"This set of measures, accompanied by the updating of tariffs, which had not been revised for around a decade, aims to increase the efficiency of the operation, avoiding queues and ensuring the improvement of the quality of visits and safeguarding the sustainability of the heritage and of the company", highlighted Parques de Sintra.

Parques de Sintra - Monte da Lua is a company with exclusively public capital, whose shareholders are the General Directorate of Treasury and Finance (which represents the State), the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests, Turismo de Portugal and the Chamber Municipality of Sintra.

Over the past ten years, the areas under the company's management (Park and National Palace of Pena, National Palaces of Sintra and Queluz, Chalet da Condessa d'Edla, Castelo dos Mouros, Palace and Gardens of Monserrate, Convento dos Capuchos and Escola Portuguesa of Equestrian Art) have received around 25 million visitors.