The operation, which will last until January 2nd, aims to "combat crime and intensify road patrols on the highest traffic routes" during the Christmas and New Year period to "guarantee festivities and safe travel" across the country.

In a statement, the National Republican Guard states that the fight against crime and road accidents constitutes "a strategic priority" for the GNR, with several aspects being involved in this operation in terms of patrolling, awareness and inspection actions aimed at "reducing crime in general and road accidents, to ensure the fluidity of traffic and to promote the support of road users".

According to the GNR, the operation will pay special attention to the prevention of criminal offenses through awareness-raising and patrolling actions and the reinforcement of proximity policing among the most vulnerable people, and inspection actions aimed at places with the greatest traffic flow, especially during Christmas and New Year periods.

On the roads, the GNR will be "particularly attentive" to drivers' risky behaviour, namely speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, using a cell phone while driving, using a seat belt and baby seats.

The PSP will also reinforce policing and inspection as part of the operation "Polícia Semper Presente: Festas em Segurança 2023-2024" from Friday until January 2nd.