In the two largest municipalities in the country, out of a total of 30,553 active licenses in the two cities, 9,170 did not provide proof to continue operating, according to a report by ECO.

With the entry into force of Mais Habitação, owners of active AL registrations had a period of two months – which was initially scheduled to end on December 7th and was extended until the 13th – to provide proof of activity, otherwise the licenses would be automatically cancelled by municipal councils.

At the end of the deadline, in Lisbon, out of a total of 20,033 active registrations, 12,180 requests were submitted for proof of carrying out local accommodation activities, the authority led by Carlos Moedas told ECO. In other words, only 60.7% of the total active licenses in the capital were provided with proof of activity. The remaining 7,853 (39.3%) who did not provide proof will now be analysed and cancelled by the municipality.

In Porto, among the total of 10,520 active licenses in the National Local Accommodation Register, 9,170 requests for proof were submitted (87.4%), the authority headed by Rui Moreira told ECO.

The evidence submitted in Lisbon and Porto is yet to be analysed, and it is not yet known how many are valid.