“The municipality of Guimarães is counting down to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2023/2024, with a big event in Largo do Toral. With the support of the Associação Vimaranense de Hotelaria (AVH), this celebration promises to enshrine an already deep-rooted tradition, impacting local tourism, becoming a popular option for bringing together family and friends in a festive and joyful environment, with free access”, says the municipality in a statement.

“With an excellent musical lineup, the program features the presence of Insert Coin (João Paulo Sousa and Joel Rodrigues) and Diego Miranda – two big national names, between 10.45pm and 02:00am – André Alves will take over the musical destination of the first night of 2024, between 02:00am and 04:00am”, says the municipality.

In addition to the celebration, environmental concern is also reflected in the municipality’s plans and commitment to sustainable development objectives.

“Whether through partnerships with local associations or by using CARE and Vitrus cups, or the placement of recycling bins, initiatives that are common at large-scale events in the territory. In case of adverse weather conditions, there is a plan to install a 50-meter-long tent, ensuring the comfort of visitors”, reveals the municipality.

During the presentation of the festive program, which took place at the Guimarães City Hall, the councillor responsible for Culture highlighted “the uniqueness of the program, which seeks to attract a diverse audience to Largo do Toural.”