To identify which European nations have the highest quality of life, a survey conducted by the lifestyle magazine Dailybase examined 12 variables, such as the unemployment rate, cost of living, access to healthcare, and wage.

Ireland had the greatest score, coming in at 73.72 out of 100. In 2022, Ireland's GDP was 3.54 percent higher than the average for Europe, at 11.97 percent. Additionally, there are just 0.6 divorces per 1,000 residents.

Norway came in second position with 69.25 out of 100. With a perfect literacy rate of 100, every citizen who is 15 years of age or older is literate. Its 83-year-old life expectancy is another impressive feature.

The Netherlands had a score of 68.76 out of 100. It has a very low unemployment rate of just 3.7% compared to other European nations, and a large percentage of its citizens 55.6% have finished postsecondary education.

Luxembourg ranked fourth on the list with a high average monthly pay of €4,670. With a flawless literacy rate of 100 percent and an 82-year life expectancy, the nation received a score of 67.9.

The UK scored 67.73, which placed them fifth on the list due to their low suicide rate and 57.47 percent of citizens having finished postsecondary education.