“Given the importance of the issue and its centrality in Portuguese political life, Chega has decided to request an urgent debate with the Minister of Health, both on immigration and on this topic of migratory pressure on health”, he stated.

The leader of Chega party wants “it to be clear to the right and left who is defending what, and that there are no misunderstandings”.

“I'm very interested in seeing what PSD and PS will defend because I suspect that it will be exactly the same in this matter”, he maintained, stating that he did not see “big differences” in the speeches of Luís Montenegro and Pedro Nuno Santos.

“In all European countries, immigration divides right and left, what we see is the PSD saying exactly the same thing as the PS”, he argued, pointing out that “it is the PSD that is copying the PS because the PS has always had this position on immigration.”

“What I didn't know is that Luís Montenegro's PSD is close to Mário Soares' PS”, he criticised, accusing both parties of wanting a "country without control, without borders and with completely open doors".

And he pointed out that “the PS is the one who put these rules into force”, which he classified as “the most absurd in the world”, stating that the country has “an absolutely stupid openness to immigration”.

“One thing is to defend Lusophony, and this is fundamental, [because] Brazilian, Angolan or Cape Verdean immigration is not the same as immigration that comes from Bangladesh, Pakistan or India, it is not the same thing because our History says otherwise. Another is that anyone, without any control, can enter Portugal, stay for a year and say they are looking for work”, he maintained.

André Ventura stated that it was “important to discuss immigration”, because “Portugal needs immigration”, but considered that it must be “controlled and with rules”.

The leader of Chega said that the party is “breaking the consensus that the conference of leaders had established for the next parliamentary days”, and asked for “tolerance from all parliamentary groups” in holding this debate.