This is the first report that AAC/OAF has delivered to the municipality in almost 20 years of managing that sports equipment built during Euro 2004, which is owned by the local authority, but which has been managed by the football club.

The document was “received very recently at the City Council” and “has not yet been subject to analysis by the municipal technical services”, said an official source from the municipality, highlighting that, later, after being analysed, it will be taken to the executive meeting for the information of the councillors.

The management reports had initially been requested in March, at the initiative of the current executive.

For the four Coldplay concerts to be held in Coimbra, the City Council paid around €400,000 to the promoter, but was cut off from any potential revenue from the use of the stadium, given the equipment management agreement with the AAC/OAF which is in force.

In the 2022/2023 sports season, revenue of 300 thousand euros from Coldplay concerts represented almost half of the total revenue earned from the stadium (with the exception of activities associated with professional football).

Total revenue (with the exception of football) was 656 thousand euros, 356 thousand euros of which were rent in spaces at the Cidade de Coimbra Stadium.

In the report's conclusions, the AAC/OAF management points out that Coldplay's concerts also allowed the club to not have to spend any money on equipment maintenance, as the promoter was responsible for this work.

The management also classifies the revenue from concerts as “very relevant”.