The initiative, which will take place in the Mercado dos Lavradores and the surrounding streets, in the eastern part of Funchal, will bring together thousands of people on the night of December 23.

The president of the municipality, Pedro Calado, highlighted the value of the 57 commercial spaces which will be distributed throughout the area where the initiative takes place.

Pedro Calado reveals the program has 16 hours of entertainment, including performances by various groups, in addition to the songs in Praça do Peixe, which will be broadcasted on a giant screen at the entrance to Mercado dos Lavradores.

There will be increased security and assistance, involving a team with around 150 police, firefighters and the Red Cross.

In accordance with the Municipality of Funchal, the majority of the 12 public and private car parks, with around 4,000 spaces will be open until 07:00 on Sunday, December 24.

After the party, cleaning brigades will collect the waste produced, with the Funchal City Council setting up an operation involving 130 workers from the Departamento de Ambiente, 22 vehicles and distributing 130 containers.


Market Night was reported in 1890 as “the longest night of the year”, due to the streets in the vicinity being flooded with people shopping to celebrate the “Festa”, namely fruits and vegetables for dinner, as well as ornaments, such as flowers and pine trees.

Currently, commercial establishments continue to stay open all night, providing an opportunity for socialising and tasting Christmas delicacies, such as wine and garlic meat sandwiches, and traditional punch and cocoa.