In a statement, the low-cost airline considers that these are “unjustified and excessive” increases, which is why it has decided to “further reduce capacity on 40 routes at its Faro and Porto bases for the summer of 2024, as a consequence directly from these unjustified tariff increases”.

“ANA’s airport monopoly does not face competition in Portugal, which allows it to increase prices without penalties. In Lisbon alone, passenger rates in 2024 will increase by up to +50% compared to 2019, despite the majority of European airports having cut passenger rates post-Covid to recover traffic and growth”, denounces Ryanair.

Ryanair hoped that ANAC would not approve the rate hike and, therefore, argues that the regulator still has time to avoid “further damage to the Portuguese economy, immediately reversing its shortsighted decision and prohibiting the excessive and unjustified increase in airline charges from ANA for 2024”.

“We are dismayed that the Portuguese regulator, ANAC, has stamped ANA's monopoly on airport charges, increases of up to 17% from January 2024. This bizarre decision will have a devastating impact on connectivity, tourism growth and employment in Portugal, especially in Madeira and the Azores”, says Eddie Wilson, CEO of Ryanair.

The head of Ryanair recalls that the airline has already closed its base in Ponta Delgada, in the Azores, throughout this winter and removed a plane from Madeira due to increased rates, having also cut capacity on several routes from Faro and Porto.

“These excessive increases in airport charges have today resulted in the further reduction of Ryanair capacity on 40 routes at our Faro and Porto bases. The Portuguese Government. must intervene immediately to protect Portuguese tourism, airlines, passengers and island economies from excessive ANA monopoly prices that are crowding out much-needed tourism growth”, adds Eddie Wilson.