Traffic jammed the roads leading up to Sandycove's famous promontory, where participants were donning Santa hats and enjoying the Christmas plunge.

As individuals dove into the chilly sea, there was a positive vibe despite a few intense downpours.

People from as far afield as Japan, Canada, and America came to observe and even participate, in addition to Dublin locals.

Patrick Corkery, a seasoned swimmer for Christmas, donned a complete Santa outfit, while his 12-year-old son Matthew dressed in a wetsuit as an elf.

Having participated in the Christmas Day swim for more than 30 years, Mr. Corkery noted that his whole December 25 is planned around the swim.

“This is Matthew's fifth one today, and I like the craic,” he said.

Wearing his new Santa attire, he added that this year they played a game of water polo in the sea.

He stated, “You photobomb people and it's just a little fun I'm the Forty Foot Santa.”

“I discuss taking 'one last swim before returning to Lapland.” When a child approaches you and says hello, you might greet them in return and inquire about whether they enjoyed their gifts.

He said that his new Santa outfit from this year fit him nicely and that swimming in it helped him utilise his lifeguard training.

“Being a lifeguard requires you to practise swimming in clothes, but it also makes you heavier and more difficult in the water,” he remarked.

“My beard and hair are integrated into the hat to prevent it from falling off in the water.”

Mr. Corkery finished a 22-kilometer swim from Howth Harbour to Bray along the east coast in October.

He claimed that this year's weather was quite pleasant.

We've been there on other days when the waves were pounding against the cliffs, but today there's little to no wind and no waves. It's always necessary to arrange your entry and exit points.

Since there was a high tide, the leap isn't as high as usual. But be careful—you can't move in as easily since it's cold.”

“I feel at home in the water, and at this time of year it's normally cold but this year it's unseasonably warm and a mild day,” he replied when asked why he does it every year.

It may have been as low as minus seven in the tough winter, but today it was rather simple to enter and stay thereafter.

You must concentrate on what you're doing since it de-stresses you and clears your mind of any other thoughts.

It was a tad windier and rougher yesterday. Every breath you take needs to be monitored.

“All of this talk about mindfulness this is mindfulness even before we understood what mindfulness was is concerning.”

Numerous spots around the nation, such as Tragumna in County Cork, Ballybunion in County Kerry, and Tramore in County Waterford, have hosted swims on Christmas Day.