As the New Year festivities approach, Proteção Civil (Civil Protection) has issued a statement with essential advice to prevent the expected increase in road accidents this festive season. With the region attracting a greater influx of visitors, including popular destinations, such as Portimão, it is crucial to adopt preventative measures to avoid road accidents.

Proteção Civil highlights the importance of safe driving as a fundamental measure to minimise accidents, this involves adapting to specific conditions, such as the condition of the road, visibility, vehicle load and traffic intensity. Furthermore, it is recommended to adjust rest periods in accordance with the duration of each trip.

With regard to traffic legislation, there must be compliance with the rules regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages while driving, a ban on the use of cell phones while driving, promoting a responsible and safe approach to driving.

It is also important to monitor weather information and recommendations from local authorities. Paying attention to weather conditions and Forças de Segurança guidance is essential to face the challenges that may arise when travelling in the region during this festive season.

Individual responsibility plays a crucial role in promoting road safety and taking these simple precautions can make a difference. By following these tips, everyone will be able to enjoy the festivities and contribute to a safer, accident-free road environment.