The PSP police have warned of the closure of some streets and the prohibition of some objects in the Praça do Comércio during New Year’s Eve festivities in Lisbon.

In order for celebrations to take place safely, the PSP, in coordination with the municipal authorities, will reinforce the police presence.

Control points will be created for people’s access to Praça de Comércio, where the entry of some objects is prohibited, such as glass bottles and cups, umbrellas, helmets, firearms or bladed weapons, compressed air horns, laser pointers, selfie sticks, megaphone, benches or chairs, explosives, drugs and syringes.

Furthermore, the PSP provided the following advice:

  • Travel to the locations of the festivities in advance, considering road circulation limitations and people’s access control to the venue;
  • Prioritise the use of public transport;
  • Avoid entering places where the high number of individuals makes it difficult to pass;
  • Avoid taking baby strollers inside the perimeter to accommodate reduced mobility, as their use among thousands of people could affect their use and could put others present risk if the use of the stroller is imperative due to the age of the infant and/or the user’s mobility, the PSP advises avoiding areas with a higher concentration of people;
  • Follow the directions of the police officers on duty at the various locations;
  • If you do drive, do not consume alcoholic beverages;
  • If you park on public roads, check that your vehicle allows emergency vehicles to circulate;
  • If you consider PSP intervention necessary, do not hesitate to ask for collaboration, call 112, in case of emergency, and memorise the following number for the PSP Lisbon Metropolitan Command: 217654242, or save it to your phone.

As for traffic, you can expect the following:

Praça do Comércio Area

From 4:00pm on December 31, 2023, all vehicle access to Praça do Comércio will be closed, also implying the limitation of circulation in the adjacent areas, as indicated below:

  • Avenida 24 de Julho, towards Cais do Sodré, from the junction with Avenida Dom Carlos I;
  • Rua de São Paulo and adjacent streets
  • Largo Barão Quintela and adjacent areas
  • Rua do Alecrim and adjacent streets
  • Largo do Chiado and adjacent areas
  • Rua Victor Cordon and adjacent streets
  • All the areas of Baixa Pombalina located between Praça Dom Pedro IV, Praça da Figueira and Praça do Comércio
  • Cais do Sodré and adjacent areas
  • Largo do Duque de Terceira and adjacent areas
  • Largo Corpo Santo
  • Rua do Arsenal
  • Avenida da Ribeira das Naus
  • Avenida Infante Dom Henrique, between Praça do Comércio and the Viaduto da Avenida Mouzinho de Albuquerque
  • Rua Alfândega
  • Rua do Cais de Santarém
  • Largo do Terceiro do Trigo
  • Rua do Terceiro do Trigo
  • Rua do Jardim fo Tabaco

Vehicle circulation will return to its usual routes, depending on the verification of the necessary safety conditions, however, it is foreseen that from 5am on January 1, 2024, road traffic will be reopened in a large part of the areas indicated above.

Entries to the event will be the following:

  • Avenida Riberia das Naus/Largo do Corpo Santo
  • Rua do Arsenal/Praça do Município
  • Rua Aurea/Ouro and Rua de São Julião
  • Rua da Prata and Rua de São Julião
  • Rua dos Franqueiros and Rua de São Julião
  • Rua do Comércio and Rua da Madalena
  • Rua da Alfândega and Rua da Madalena

Parque das Nações:

Rotunda dos Vice-Reis – Between 11.20pm and 1am traffic will be prevented from accessing Avenida da Boa Esperança, between this location and Rua do Bojador, as well as blocked access to Alameda dos Oceanso towards the Vasco da Gama Shopping Center.

Rotunda Bojador – Between 11:20pm and 1am, traffic will be prevented from circulating on Rua do Bojador, between Avenida da Boa Esperança and Rotunda do Altice Arena.