Since the beginning of the seasonal vaccination campaign, 1,797,328 people have been vaccinated with the booster against Covid-19 and 2,266,010 people against the flu.

Of the vaccines administered for Covid-19, most were given in pharmacies, more than 1.2 million vaccines. Both in pharmacies and in the National Health Service (SNS), in the last week, there was an increase of 12 percent in vaccination.

As for flu vaccines, most were also administered in pharmacies, 1,603,398 compared to 662,202 in the SNS. Accounting for both locations, there was an increase of more than 29 percent in vaccination.

Regarding the number of vaccines per age group, data from DGS, in conjunction with the Direção Executiva do Servoço Nacional de Saúde (DE-SNS), indicates that vaccination coverage is higher in relation to the flu. Of the total number of people aged 60 or over, vaccination coverage reaches 61.87 percent, while in relation to Covid-19 it is 52.35 percent.