Choreographer Vera Maintaino, multidisciplinary artist Jonathan Uliel Saldana, rapper Xullaji, dancer Dougie Knight, and the theater company Cão Solteiro are other names that will be at TBA, from January to March next year.

“Little wimmin”, a feminist version of the classic “Little Women” – as the term “wimmin” itself reinforces – will be presented in Lisbon, by the women of Figs in Wigs, on February 3 and February 4.

“In “Little wimmin” they take on the indisputably arduous task of faithfully adapting the novel “Little Women” and adapting it into a dizzying parade of surrealist props”, wrote the Guardian newspaper in 2021, about this version, listing elements of the setting: “A penis-shaped ice fountain, a person disguised as a Christmas tree and a giant margarita.”

Figs in Wigs “is not really a dance company”, the British newspaper explained: “Although there is dancing in the shows, there is also drama, impersonations and, occasionally some homemade “electro-punk”. Their work is an act of appropriation. It is the transformation of the reality that surrounds them into a world they might want to live in. A place of strangeness and colour, of sophisticated theory, of care and communion.”

“Wimmin” was the term used by the pioneers of the British feminist movement for the plural of woman (women), in order to avoid the suffix “men”.

In the TBA program, the first proposal of the year belongs to Vera Maintaino and Jonathan Uliel Saldana, with “Esplendor e dismorfia” + “The breaking point”, a performance and a film, on stage from January 12 to January 14.

A conversation about “Fertilizar e nutrir”, with Andreia Garcia, Aoaní Salvaterra, Henda Vieira-Lopes, Jade Rocha, Mulheres Negras Escurecidas (MNE) and Vinícius Couto, on January 17, a concert by rapper Xullaji, on January 19, a “workshop” by Filipa Bossuet on “speaking/doing”, on January 27, and Dougie Knight’s dance, on January 27 and January 28 complete the program for the first month of 2024.

“We have before our eyes an endless catastrophe”, writes the TBA’s artistic director, Francisco Frazão, adding that it will not mention “the state of the world”.

“Twist and distort. Refuse the habit, distrust the systems and classics, remix them into impossible cocktails. Looking at the strangeness, the unsettling, like someone returning home: maybe that’s theater”, states Frazão, in the presentation of the poster.

On February 10, Sofia Borges, Marta Warelis, Lula Pena, António Poppe and Carlos Santos will be at TBA, on Rua Raul Cascais, for a concert as part of the Rescaldo Festival.

“If you’re not a lesbian, what’s your name?”, a play by Alice Azevedo, on stage from February 21 to February 24, and a workshop on “speaking/doing” by Paulo Pascoal, under the theme “Re-existence on earth”, on February 24, are the program for the month of February.

In March, highlights include the play “The man who as a spoon”, from March 6 to 9, the concert with Marta Arpini & Paula Bilá, on March 15, and the performance “Notebook”, by Alexandra Bachzetsis, on March 22 and 23.

“Symbiotic Walk”, a workshop by Maria de Lá Salete/Ossanha Project, on March 23, and the conference by Kathryn Yusoff, titled “Earth as a medium of struggle”, on March 27, fill the month of March.

The program is available on the TBA website -