ANAV – National Association of Travel Agencies, states that it is collecting information from Portuguese travel agents regarding “potentially harmful activities by the airline Ryanair”, according to a report by Publituris.

The objective, according to the Association, “will be to gather as much data and real cases as possible about potentially abusive or even illegal practices, which directly affect the good and regular functioning of Portuguese travel agencies whenever they buy airline tickets or use the airline’s services.”

Therefore, ANAV requests travel agencies to provide it with all information on situations that result in difficulties, or that put into question the quality of care and services provided to end customers.

In possession of concrete cases regarding the legal, real and commercial activity of Ryanair in Portugal, ANAV, according to its president, Miguel Quintas, “intends to formally question the airline, with the purpose of correcting practices that we believe may be abusive to end customers and, obviously, to travel agencies”.

Currently, and according to Miguel Quintas, “we are evaluating some activities that have already been identified, but which still require legal validation, namely the need for facial recognition, the lack of transparency in prices, or even a list of misleading information aimed at customers final decisions on the suitability of reservations and issues made by travel agencies, among some other situations", highlighting that, depending on the number, content and severity of complaints received by travel agencies, the association "does not hesitate to initiate legal proceedings against Ryanair, if we find evidence that justifies it.”