In a statement, the National Republican Guard states that, during the operation, 865 drivers were arrested for excessive alcohol consumption and 402 for driving without a legal license, in addition to 84 arrests for drug trafficking, 42 for illegal possession of weapons or prohibited weapons, 89 for theft and 11 for robbery.

The GNR also reports that, between December 15th and January 2nd, 152,639 drivers were inspected and 33,175 infractions were detected, 8,083 of which were for speeding, 998 for excess alcohol, 1,097 for lack of or incorrect use of belts,or child restraint system, 814 for using a cell phone while driving, 2,910 for lack of mandatory periodic inspection and 1,022 for lack of mandatory civil liability insurance.

The GNR indicates that, during the “Christmas and New Year 2023” operation, it reinforced patrolling, awareness and inspection actions with the aim of combating crime and reducing road accidents during the festivities.