This is especially true with new developments and trends allowing property owners to make the most of their villas. There are many reasons to rent your Algarve property, but here are the most prominent developments as we start the new year.

Why you should rent your property in 2024

The Algarve’s connectivity is growing. New flights connecting Faro to New York, Azores, Southampton, Brest and Helsinki mean more eyes will be turning to the Algarve as the destination to be. Looking at our data, with the USA as an example, traffic grows in new markets. Comparing 2023 to 2021, we have seen a 63% increase in traffic from the USA. Canada is another growing market with increased enquiries. Capitalising on a new audience early on will help establish the positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations that these new tourists will be looking for.

With a growing audience, the need for excellence is more important than ever. Guests will want the best from their holiday, so properties will need to be at their best. At SandyBlue, our thorough Operations team ensure no maintenance issue is left ignored. The property will always be ready for guests, with no pressure on the owner to identify and resolve on their own. Extra support, and peace of mind, will be integral in 2024.

Changing approaches to travel will also help property owners maximise their rental income. With remote working expected to dominate the professional world for another year, owners can embrace extended stays from companies who are striving to improve the workplace happiness of employees.

Another reason, that is often overlooked, is the prospect of overall community growth. The SandyBlue team adore the Algarve, so we adopted a sustainable approach while supporting local businesses. We can help new owners do the same. Guests who choose to stay in the Algarve seek an immersive experience, connecting with the local culture and community. With more properties to choose from, the more local businesses in and around the Golden Triangle can see increased custom.

A year of opportunity awaits

The SandyBlue team is returning from the festive break with more passion and dedication than ever before. Owner success is our success, so we are looking forward to discovering new ways to help their property reach new heights.

For more information please contact SandyBlue at +44 (0)207 183 0412 (UK) or +351 289 392 236 (PT).