The Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility stated that it cannot impose limitations on the entry of tourist cruises into Spanish ports “in the absence of the necessary legal support” to do so, in response to written questions registered in Congress by deputies Sumar Félix Alonso and Vicenç Vidal and reported by Europa Press.

Deputies were interested in the possibility of promoting a more rigorous regulatory framework regarding the activity of cruise ships in fiscal, and environmental matters or the use of less polluting fuels, given the increase in arrivals to the Balearic Islands in recent years, and they also questioned the actions that the Government plans to take to limit the environmental impacts generated by cruise tourism and the damage it causes to the health of the population living near the ports.

In a response letter, the executive, quoted by the newspaper El Periódico, responds that emissions from international maritime traffic are not taken into account. However, he points out that, based on data collected by Eurostat, it can be deduced that the percentage of cruise ships to Spain represented “4.6% of the total number of passenger ships” in 2021.

The Government clarifies that a prior agreement is necessary with the main cruise companies, service providers and those represented in the International Association of Cruise Companies.