Currently, the average price of simple diesel is €1,548/litre, while simple 95 petrol is costing, on average, €1,637/litre, according to data from the Directorate-General for Energy and Geology (DGEG).

At the beginning of last week, diesel fell by 1.3 cents, while petrol registered a very slight increase of less than half a cent.

According to DGEG data, these are the most economical petrol stations in the country:

Simple 95 petrol

Intermarché Marinha da Guia - €1.548

Intermarché Ansião - €1.548

Intermarché pombal - €1.548

Simple Diesel

Intermarché Viseu - €1.469

Recheio Braga - €1.484

Bxpress Braga - €1.484