This mesmerizing showcase, curated by Luisa Dedisin, invites both art enthusiasts and the curious alike to experience an eclectic blend of classical and abstract artistry.

Renowned for their backgrounds in interior design, both Aidarova and van Leeuwen seamlessly weave together classical and abstract painting techniques, crafting pieces that not only captivate but also effortlessly integrate into diverse interior settings.

What sets this exhibition apart is the diversity of artistry presented. Each artwork, meticulously crafted using various materials like oil, acrylic, gold, enamel, and mother-of-pearl dust, showcases a unique style and perspective. The spectrum of these creative expressions ensures there's something for every taste and budget, with prices ranging from 60€ to 12000€.

The exhibition welcomes visitors for viewing on Tuesdays (17:00-19:00), Fridays (17:00-19:00), and Saturdays (12:00-14:00), or by appointment. If these times don't suit your schedule, reach out to the provided contacts below for a personalized visit.

Beyond this spectacular exhibition, Luz Cultura promises a vibrant calendar for 2024, brimming with cultural events, lessons, and workshops. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the offerings of this cultural hub in future articles.

To schedule a visit or inquire about organizing exhibitions for 2024, contact (+351) 966 847 444. For all other inquiries related to Luz Cultura's events and programs, reach out to (+351) 911 577 743.

Join us on this artistic journey, where creativity converges with culture, and immerse yourself in the world of Alisa Aidarova and Chantal van Leeuwen's awe-inspiring creations at Luz Cultura.