“We inform you that, due to a strike called by unions representing workers at IP - Infraestruturas de Portugal, responsible for managing the railway infrastructure, significant disruptions to the circulation of trains nationwide are anticipated on January 10, 2024”.

The company informed that the strike could also affect services on January 9th and 11th.

CP added that minimum services were defined, with the exception of the Cascais line, “where the majority of services are expected to be carried out”.

IP added that "under the terms of the agreement reached within the competent service of the Ministry of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security, Infraestruturas de Portugal will guarantee the opening of 35% of its railway channel for the Urban – Lisbon and Porto service and 25 % for Long Haul and Regional circulations".

CP guarantees that customers who already have tickets purchased to travel on trains of Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, Internacional, InterRegional and Regional services, “will be allowed a refund, for the total value of the ticket purchased, or its free exchange for another train of the same category and in the same class”.

The strike is related to the working conditions and salaries of the profession, and covers operations, command, control, information, circulation management and railway conservation workers, according to Aprofer - Associação Sindical dos Profissionais do Comando e Controlo Viário.

IP workers have already completed two days of strikes this year.