Data consulted by Lusa agency reveals that Portugal is the only member of EuroMOMO registered with the designation "very high excess", with a score of 12.14.

The numbers collected by EuroMOMO, from the Danish Institute for the Prevention of Contagious Diseases Statens Serum Institut, allow the comparison of the standard deviation of mortality in different countries (z-scores), measuring the excess deaths related to flu, Covid-19, differences in temperature and other threats to public health.

The measurement starts at base zero, with values between -2 and 2 falling within the normal range, while values above 4 are considered "moderate excess".

2 to 4 is considered "reduced excess"; from 7 to 10 "high excess"; from 10 to 15 "very high excess"; and more than 15 "extraordinarily high excess".

Portugal has been recording "a very high excess" of mortality since the last week of 2023.

On the map where the Portuguese case is identified, only Scotland and Greece stand out for appearing with "moderate excess". Spain and Germany are also highlighted, but with "reduced excess".

The EuroMOMO group of countries includes Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovenia, Malta, Greece, Ukraine, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, England, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Cyprus and Israel.