PSML announced “the first Sunday of free access to the parks and monuments of Sintra registered massive public participation, with more than 4,500 residents in the national territory (48 percent of visitors), who took advantage of the measure put into action on January 2, which provides free entry on Sundays and holidays, for all citizens residing in Portugal.

On the first Sunday of 2023, the monuments under the management of PSML received a total of 3,618 visitors, while on January 7, 2024, the parks received a total of 9,320 entries, of which 4,520 were national citizens.

Despite the increase in free entries, the number of paying visitors also rose and the company “obtained a significant increase in revenue on the first Sunday of 2024, compared to the same Sunday in the previous year”.

The most popular location was the Pena National Palace, with more than 1,100 visitors to the greatest exponent of Romanticism in Portugal and the eternal work of King D. Fernando II, while the Parque da Pena captivated around 300 visitors.

At the Monserrate Palace, “around a thousand people took advantage of this opportunity to visit the unique heritage, which is part of the Cultural Landscape of Humanity, classified by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation”, states a note sent to Lusa.

The National Palace of Queluz received 856 visitors, while the National Park in Sintra, located in the center of the historic town, received more than 600 visitors.

The Castelo dos Mouros, on one of the units of the Sintra mountain range, received 457 visitors who were able to enjoy both the free access and the beauty of the castle founded in the 10th century. The Convento dos Capuchos, in the heart of the mountain range, received around 200 visitors.

“This represents an important step in our mission to make the parks and monuments under the care of Parques de Sintra, a part of the daily life of the local public, encouraging habits of regular consumption of culture”, stated Sofia Cruz, president of the board of directors of PSML.

The citizens of Sintra could already visit these parks and monuments for free, but since January 2, this was extended to all residents in the national territory.

Visitors who purchase tickets online at least three days in advance will receive a 15 percent discount, however, the date and time reservation system remain at the Pena National Palace, with a reduction of 15 percent in daily visitors.

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