According to the official arm of the Democratic Party, Portugal has seen a major influx of Americans taking up residency in recent years. Many Americans may be unaware that they can still vote in U.S. elections. Some may just be confused about how to register to vote, or if they are registered, do not realize that they must request their ballot every year to receive it.

Participating in U.S. elections from abroad is the right of all American citizens. Democrats Abroad Portugal is working to support American residents and has created simple tools for them to easily work through the process.

Recent U.S. election results have been extremely close, so it is crucial that Americans everywhere vote to make their voices heard. U.S. laws and policies impact the lives of U.S. citizens no matter where they reside. The growing American vote from abroad reminds our government that garnering these votes can be critical in tight races, as evidenced in several key states in 2020. This is why Democrats Abroad Portugal wants to register every Democrat expat here to vote in 2024: every vote matters.

Here’s how Americans living in Portugal can make their voices heard:

Register to Vote: Americans abroad must register to vote and must request their ballot every year. Register at or to get started.

Request An Absentee Ballot: Americans abroad must request an absentee ballot well in advance of the election. Request a ballot at or

Informed: Keep up to date with election information and deadlines by joining Democrats Abroad Portugal at where you can sign up for our newsletter. You can also follow us on social media:




Volunteer: Join a passionate community of volunteers dedicated to helping fellow expats vote and make their voices heard.