Yossi Sharabi, 53 years old, appeared in a propaganda video released on Sunday by Hamas on the Telegram network, asking the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to end the war in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli Embassy in Portugal told Lusa that Sharabi had Portuguese nationality and that his wife, Nari, was in Lisbon last month asking for help from the Government to exert efforts towards his release.

“Tomorrow [15 January] their fate will be revealed", Hamas stated in the video, according to the translation sent to Lusa by the Israeli Embassy, which released a photograph of Nari Sharabi, with family members of other hostages in a meeting a month ago with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, João Gomes Cravinho.

In a new video released by Hamas, it is revealed that Yossi Sharabi and Itay Svirsky, 38, have died.

In a statement cited by France-Presse (AFP), the military wing of Hamas claimed that the hostages "were killed in Zionist bombings in Gaza."

No indication of the date of capture of the images is given in the videos, nor is there official confirmation of the death of the two hostages.

Lusa contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but has not yet received a response.