“The opening of an investigation is confirmed, which originated from a complaint received. The same is under investigation and subject to judicial secrecy”, informed the Public Ministry (MP), in response to Lusa agency.

According to one of the vice-presidents of the environmental association SOS Quinta dos Ingleses Pedro Jordão, the criminal complaint was filed on September 8, 2023 and is related to the sale by Cascais City Council, on March 10, 2020, of a plot of land measuring 823.31 square meters, on Estrada Marginal, in Parede, for the price of 312,700 euros, for the construction of a tourist development for the North American hotel chain Hilton.

“Preventing the construction of that monster on top of the sea” is the purpose of the legal action advanced by SOS Quinta dos Ingleses, despite the works already being underway, with the permit issued in January 2022, which refers to the approval of the works in August 2019, almost a year before the date on which the land purchase and sale contract was signed”.

Speaking to the Lusa agency, Pedro Jordão explained that the complaint denounces the “ridiculously low” sale price of this plot of land and the violation of the coastal development plan.

The complaint is against the municipality of Cascais, the president of the city council, Carlos Carreiras (PSD), the vice-president, Miguel Pinto Luz (PSD), the Urban Planning councilor who at the time was responsible for approving the works, Filipa Roseta ( PSD), and the current councilor responsible for Urbanism, Nuno Piteira Lopes (PSD).

Lusa agency questioned Cascais City Council about the matter, still awaiting a response.

The environmental association also says that it is unaware that an environmental impact assessment was carried out for the construction of the hotel in that location, considering that “this business and this construction seem completely illegal”.