Suspended 175 metres above the ground, with a span of 516 meters between the banks of Canelas and Alvarenga, the Ponte 516 Arouca has received more than 280,000 visitors since its inauguration in 2021.

Regarding students with proof of school attendance, those up to 17 years old, could already benefit from a reduced price, however, from February onwards, the discount will be extended to any age and the new tariff provides for an even further 10 percent reduction for groups on school visits.

The president of the City Council, Margarida Belém, announced the objective is to “strengthen the role of the municipality as a space of knowledge, since the Arouca UNESCO World Geopark is a territory of science, its rich and cultural heritage is an important resource to consolidate education”.

As for the family tariff, the goal is to monitor changes in society and include smaller households in the list of beneficiaries.

“A visit to the 516 Arouca is an excellent activity to do as a family, and as we are aware of new family dynamics, we created a new package aimed at single-parent families”, added the mayor, referring to the growing number of households with these conditions.

In 2023, Ponte 516 Arouca received around 83,600 visitors, of which 63 percent were Portuguese nationals. Regarding the origin of other visitors, Spanish tourists stood out, representing 12.31 percent of total visits, and French tourists, representing 8.35 percent of entries.

Followed by German tourists, accounting for 2.96 percent of visitors, American tourists at 1.87 percent, and the Dutch, with 1.37 percent.

Despite a less significant number when analysed individually, a series of other nationalities visited the bridge, which represent altogether, 10.11 percent of total visitors in 2023.