The organisation was founded to offer the government unbiased, professional assistance on matters pertaining to artificial intelligence policy, with an emphasis on fostering the growth of reliable, person-centred AI and fostering public confidence.

Its primary responsibility will be to offer knowledgeable counsel, analysis, and suggestions in response to the government's particular needs.

Creating and delivering its own workplan of recommendations on matters pertaining to artificial intelligence policy would be its second responsibility.

The government nominated the members of the AI Advisory Council, who have backgrounds in academia, business, law, security, social sciences, economics, and civil society, after requesting expressions of interest.

At least three meetings of the council will take place annually, with members serving in a volunteer capacity.

Minister of State for Trade Promotion, Digital, and Company Regulation Dara Calleary stated, “My ambition is that we become a leading country in using AI to the benefit of our people, through a human-centred and ethical approach to AI adoption and use.”

“We have the building blocks in place in our National AI Strategy.”

“The AI Advisory Council will support the delivery of this as an agile sounding board for Government on harnessing these rapidly developing technologies for the common good,” added Calleary.

In 2022, Dr. Patricia Scanlon was appointed as Ireland's AI Ambassador, and she has offered to lead the AI Advisory Council.

“I look forward to leading the AI Advisory Council in providing timely, impactful recommendations and advice to Government,” stated Dr. Scanlon.

“A variety of backgrounds are represented among the council members. Their combined knowledge will be extremely helpful in demystifying AI technology as well as in predicting new trends, dangers, opportunities, and difficulties before others do,” she continued.