The information made available to the Lusa agency by the Directorate-General for Health (DGS), which does not yet have data for last year, indicates that the number of places available for smoking cessation consultations also remains far from the 235 that existed before the Covid-19 pandemic, remaining at 152 (2022), which, nevertheless, represents an increase compared to 112 in 2021.

In the first consultations, the trend was identical: from 12,702 in 2019, they increased to 6,159 (2020) and 5,902 (2021), with a reversal of the trend in 2022, with 8,843 (+49.8%).

The same happened in total consultations, with 41,946 in 2019, 25,515 in 2020 and 24,302 in 2021. The year 2022 saw an increase to 32,817.

Tobacco is the direct cause of 90% of lung cancer cases.