The property will be located in Portela da Villa, in Torres Vedras, 30 minutes from Lisbon.

3D printing focuses mainly on walls. "This technology allows us to produce up to 45m2 of walls in just 20 hours", says Simi Launay, chief creative officer at Litehaus, quoted in a statement to which Notícias ao Minuto had access.

“The process of creating this housing unit is carried out using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, during the initial creative and design phase, and 3D printing, during the construction phase,” according to the company.

3D printing is focused primarily on walls. "We are here to take away the distrust of the sector. This technology allow us to produce as much as 45m2 of walls in only 20 hours," says Simi Launay, Litehaus' Chief Creative Officer.

Litehaus aims to build 100 homes a year in Portugal: “Our goal is to build 70% faster and 20% cheaper, delivering residences that epitomize elegance and minimalism harmonized with Portugal's natural beauty," adds Simi Launay.