The two birch trees that provided the seedlings were planted in the 1950s and have been flourishing adjacent to Trinity's famous Front Arch.

They first surfaced in May of last year, when the institution stopped cutting its normally well-kept lawns.

"The intention was to allow the native wildflowers in the lawns to blossom and nourish pollinators," stated Professor Jane Stout, TCD's Vice President for Biodiversity and Climate Action.

About thirty different plant species were discovered as a result, including these birch seedlings and one extremely fascinating orchid. We prolonged 'No Mow May' until September since the seedlings were able to establish and develop because the lawns were not mowed."

The university's gardening crew potted the seedlings at that point and has been taking care of them ever since.

According to TCD groundskeeper Mark Loughran, "We dug them up and have them around the back in the green house ready to give them away to people."

It simply goes to demonstrate that life will enter a lawn if you let it grow and don't mow it frequently.

It might make a pleasant little legacy to leave behind. In your backyard, there's a tree that was originally planted by Trinity College Dublin," he continued.

With the distribution of birch seedlings, Trinity introduces its first-ever sustainability plan.

Professor Stout stated, "We are approaching sustainability in a really holistic way."

"We understand that we need to make changes to everything we do at the institution, including our daily operations, research, and educational activities.

"We are looking at climate action, biodiversity loss, health and wellbeing and linking our own human health with planetary health," she stated.

According to Trinity College Dublin, birch seedlings are free today morning starting at 10 a.m., first come, first served.

"The lovely thing about them is they’re really symbolic of this new beginning, this new start and the regeneration of life," Professor Stout stated.

"And really, when you give nature a chance, it really takes that chance."